Moving Day!

The Killer Blog is dead. Long live UppityYinzer!

Everything’s comin up Milhouse

I have started and then deleted a post here 3 or 4 times already. Everything I write comes off as bragging, that is how well things are going right now.

Justin is coming home for a visit this weekend. I CANNOT WAIT for him to see Damien, he is going to lose his mind. This kid has gotten so big, has actual chomping teeth, is picking up on the sign language and is an all around amazing little man. If he looks bigger/more grown up to me, I can’t even imagine what he’ll look like to someone who hasn’t seen him in a few months. Damien is jetting around the house in his little walker thingy, terrorizing the cats every morning. Life at home is good (with a side of missing my husband like crazy).

On the Nose is doing really well with the wedding business! We are even working on getting an office. Hot pink desk, you will be mine. Our town hall meeting went well and was a little bit hilarious, so now the Rally is back on track as well. We are killing it.

For the first quarter of this year, I have managed to stay totally on track financially. Not one dollar over budget on anything – and that is suprising, because I bought a bunch of dresses a few weeks ago. We are even ahead on our mortgage and might pay it off sooner than the end of this year!

So now, as soon as I hit ‘publish’ on this, a giant Cloverfield monster will attack me. I regret nothing!!!!!

Frump It Up

From the blog moneysavingmom, I was able to download a free ebook called ‘From Frumps to Pumps’ and lo such reading has never been more pertinent to my life. As I type this, I am wearing my husbands Gremlins t-shirt and a pair of capri sweatpants. I can look back and see exactly how this all happened, it goes like this: When I worked as a medical secretary, I wore business casual clothes, then I got a new job wearing scrubs so I got rid of my threadbare Kohls clearance wardrobe. Then I started getting rid of everything that didn’t fit, wasn’t appropriate for a woman in herr 30′s, etc – thinking that I would be able to replace it all with better quality versions in the future. Then I got pregnant and would change from scrubs to yoga pants (that have never been involved in one yoga move) and…slippery slope. It was a super hot summer last year and I was all big bellied, so I basically wore the same 3 dresses for my 2nd & 3rd trimesters. While I didn’t gain enough weight to warrant any actual maternity clothing purchases, I sure as hell stretched all of my clothes out beyond recognition. The only thing that survived is 1 of the 3 dresses, and it has a huge rip in the side from my cat. Basically, what I’m saying is that I dress like a fancy lady hobo, without the bindle.

So, looking forward, I want to build a wardrobe of very wearable, high quality items that don’t make me look like a “mom” and don’t cost a fortune. I’ve already bought a few dresses for the summer and have one (!) pair of jeans that fit and look nice, so that’s a start. It begs an interesting question, though: How do you dress when you don’t really have anywhere to go? My days consist of working out, playing on the floor, cooking, cleaning, getting puked on and sleeping with cats on my face. Is there a uniform for that? Some type of fancy bee-keepers suit that repels stains? What do other women who stay home wear?

Workin It & Numerology

So I am the new manager of the Lawrenceville Farm Stand in the Stephen Foster Center. In this position, one of my duties will be placing the order for all the fruits and veggies and! I am able to place a separate order for myself (which I pay for of course), so that means local farm fresh stuff all summer long for us! Weeeeee! I was thinking of getting a CSA share, but have heard that they are super big and probably too much for just me and the little guy (who currently eats 5-10 oz of “people food” a day). This is much more convienient, and I get to help out in my community. The women who met with me yesterday warned me that the seniors who work the stand are very territorial and….well, lets just say I have some recent experience with territorial senior citizens, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The other cool thing is that during my days at the Stand, I can put Damien into the infant daycare center right in Fosters. It is super cheap on a per-hour basis and he’ll get to meet other babies and gamble, smoke cigars or whatever babies do together.

Also, here are some interesting numbers for today:
Damien is 6 months old
I have lost 5 more pounds this month (!!!)
We have been in our house 3 years today
Our mortgage is 86% of the way paid off
The mortgage balance is now down to the 4 figure range
Justin has been gone for 4 weeks and will be home for a visit in 4 weeks
3 of my good friends have birthdays this month


Why am I insulted when the Pottery Barn catalog comes in the mail? All the things are super cute but super pricey, and it just pisses me off.

My Yahoo email account has 10,291 unread messages. When will they shut it down?

I love that commercial for tooth whitener where the Customs Official is like, “is that you?!” because her teeth are 2 shades whiter. I look like a Chicana runaway in my passport photo and no one has ever questioned me.

How come when I’m practicing my ‘hero speech’ in my mind, I sound like Julia Sugarbaker, but if I have to defend myself in public I sound like Elmer Fudd?

Damien is so obsessed with our cats that I’m considering buying him a mechanical toy cat to play with. It’s like the Jetsons over here!

Menu Monday

So now that I’m by myself, the planning has obviously changed. I am so not cooking myself a huge meal each night, no time. Also, I am more than happy to call an avocado and a box of triscuits dinner, which is one of my problems. Here’s how I’ve been working it out:

Breakfast – A smoothie made with frozen fruit, yogurt, soy milk, flax seed and protein powder.

Lunch – a HUGE salad, like comically huge. I make it in the same bowl I serve pasta in. Very little dressing and cheese keeps it crispy as I graze on it all afternoon.

Dinner – Whatever I want, but a normal portion of it. Lately I’ve been into quesadillas stuffed with loads of red pepper and onion.

I have no time for snacks, but do drink a glass of wine at night when Damien is in bed. Then, right when I would be like “oh, I’m so hungry, better eat 3 giants spoons of peanut butter” I fall asleep, because wine and an infant all day. So far, I feel loads better and can already see a difference! By the time Justin gets home, I’m going to look like a hot Lou Ferrigno.

Also, I am making tons of baby food now. Damien has moved on past the apples, sweet potatoes and rice cereal and is now into garlicky peas, curried potatoes roasted carrot puree. A little gourmet! Next up for him to try is my delicious mujadara. It is basically caramelized onion, basmati rice, cooked lentils, cinnamon and lemon juice. You cook it low and slooooooow with lots of love. I know he is going to be into it, I’ll just whiz it up in the blender and we can eat a meal together, hooray!

Things I Have Learned

This past week:

-I use the same 5 dishes over and over, cleanup is easy.
-Nail polish will not stay on my nails no matter what I do.
-All it takes is one viewing before I am heavily invested in a Real Housewives franchise. (Looking at you, OC)
-Our kittens have a battle royal each night and now that I’m alone, it sounds exactly like someone is breaking into the house. Breaking into the house and playing with a squeaky mouse.
-The dentist is not as scary as previously thought.
-My life is now a series of poo-cleaning moments interrupted by coffee.
-Not drinking beer for one week, ONE WEEK, makes me feel like I’ve gone down a pants size. Oh, beer, you are a tricky mistress.

This past week has been really rough. Only 18 more to go!

Difficult takes a day; impossible, a week.

I have no idea how to punctuate that sentence, but it has been my mantra for the past year. That and “other people do it, I’ll just be one of those people.” I don’t feel weird writing about this on here because I know that only 5 people read it and those people aren’t likely to burgle me, here’s what’s what: Justin took on a new position (a step up!) on a Tarantino movie shooting in New Orleans and he’ll be there until about July 4th. It’s such a great opportunity for him, the money is good, he hated hated to go, but it’s what is best.
Being here by myself with Damien is going to be super hard, I’m so worried. I almost feel bad complaining/worrying/even talking about it because, well, lots of reasons.
1. He has a job when a lot of people don’t
2. He is in a beautiful city (during Mardi Gras!)
3. It’s not like he’s being shot at
4. We can talk and FaceTime every day
5. Damien is a wonderfully “easy” baby, no hours long crying jags, etc
6. I have a lot of On the Nose work to keep me busy

But at the same time, oh my god. I’m so nervous that something bad is going to happen, or something boring – like I just get burned out on caring for a little one 24 hours a day. I know that having a husband out of town on business is not the same thing as being a single parent, I’m not making that comparison, but seriously. How do single parents do it? I’m home full time and dreading the logistics. How do people who do daycare and work and every other little thing themselves do it? I hope these next few months go by quickly and without issue.

Oh, and theres also the sleep transition, growth spurt, teething and crawling things that are all coming up. Oh my god.

Sleeping Like a Baby

I think I really messed up with my son, help! Since day one, he has napped on the living room couch, I didn’t think anything of it. In fact, I was so focused on having a baby that could sleep through “everyday noises” like the tv, coffee bean grinder, phone calls, etc that I though I was doing a good thing. We also swaddle him to put him down for a nap and to bed at night. So here’s my problem: Damien is now a 17lb 5 1/2 month old who can bust out of any swaddle and takes up a lot of real estate on the couch. I really don’t think that him sleeping there once or twice a day in sustainable (can you imagine a 3 year old napping on the couch while I clean? I can’t), but I don’t know how to transition him to another place. And what about the swaddling?!? How do I end that? He is getting too big for our swaddle blankets and he’ll be rolling over soon. The idea of him in bed, on his tummy, unable to lift his head up because he is swaddled makes me sick. This is the first time since I’ve had him that I have no instincts to guide me towards the right path. Help, please!

Menu Monday, Mushroom Edition

Since we have a new grocery store chain opening around town, I guess Giant Eagle decided to drop prices temporarily as to appear competitive. Well, my store was out of just about everything and what they did have looked like poop. Except for the mushrooms! Thank goodness for the mushrooms, because I basically planned the whole week around them.

Saturday – Homemade Primanti Sandwiches. Justin made dinner this night and this was his pick. Oh man, they were super good sandwiches. We still have a ton of cole slaw left in the fridge, too. YUM.

Sunday – I have been threatening to make the lonely bag of frozen ravioli for weeks, and we finally ate them. Hurray. Our long national nightmare is over.

Monday РMushroom Stroganoff. We just finished eating this and it was amazing. I saut̩ed one whole onion in butter and olive oil, added 16oz of chopped mushrooms, added a little flour, some white wine, dijon mustard and worchesterchire sauce. Let it cook for a little bit and then add about 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, serve over egg noodles.

Tuesday, Breakfast for Dinner – Buttermilk Waffles with Honey Butter. I have a ton of frozen one cup portions of buttermilk left over from Christmas. I’m using them in this recipe and also to make biscuits for freezing.

Wednesday – Veggie Pot Pie. Since I’ll already be getting my dough making on, I’ll just whip up a pie crust, too. The filling will be onion, carrots, mushrooms, peas and a creamy sauce. Do you put cheese in pot pie? I am going to.

Thursday – Mushroom Risotto. Risotto is becoming my go to cheap dinner these days. It’s super easy and really satisfying.

Friday – During my dough party, I’ll make some pizza crust and we will just eat homemade pizza rolls again, they are really good. From one $2 bag of flour I can usually get 5 pizza dough balls, 3 loaves of italian bread, 4 pie crusts and maybe 30 biscuits. Not bad for 2 bucks.

Breakfasts – Cookies, ftw! and smoothies. Although, we are running out of frozen fruit, so this party will end soon.

Lunches – Leftovers and salads, boo. So sick of salad, but my pants are getting a little looser and I don’t hate myself after eating one. Go salad?

This whole week is super cheap eats, I saved a ton of money at the grocery store. There are big changes happening around these parts and I don’t think that our budget will matter much in the coming months, but I still plan to outline what I am eating. Damien is eating plain greek yogurt, rice cereal and banana, avocado, sweet potato and a little whiskey. Just kidding! He hates sweet potato.